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5 Top Facebook Food Communities In India You Should Follow!


Food is the only serious love we can have in our life and we all agree with this. If you are a big foodie and you love to experiment in your kitchen or simply like to read reviews online (the real ones) then we are very happy to bring you 5 top food groups/communities on Facebook that will help you take your food love to the next level!

1. Chef At Large: This is one of the most famous communities on Facebook where people from our country and other countries (Indians largely) help each other by sharing their recipes, food DIYs and everything regarding food. I too have been sharing alot of my recipes in this group and it's always been such a proactive, pleasant feedback from the members. You can follow them on

2. Eat Treat: This is the best place to ask for restaurant and eatery recommendations. You can also get the review of new places here. You can follow the community on                                                

3. Indian Food Freak: This group shares and collect recipes and the best part is that they have group called IFF cares which is mainly for chefs who are specializing in regional Indian Cuisine. They do a lot of events for their members hence we recommend that you join them on

4. Sikandalous Cuisine: A very popular group on Facebook where people share their food pictures and post their step by step recipes via photos. You can also take help of the group members regarding new recipes, ingredients and more. You can follow them on

5.  Eatlo: This is the group for food lovers living in New Delhi. They can get every information related to food here. They are now also spread across Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Mumbai. You can follow them on

These are some of the food communities which you can follow on facebook and you will get everything related to the food. You can try new recipes and post the pictures. Till then Happy Eating!

- Cover image source Pinterest. Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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  1. Thank you for putting together the list... I was wondering if you are doing a list of interesting Instagram accounts for food