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Here’s Why I Love The Experience of the Philips Hue Wireless Lighting!


Life has never been busier than this and I understand it's not easy being the LADY of the house, even more, challenging when you are an army wife! While most of you know that from past few months I had been traveling all the way from Jammu to Pune, I was more excited to pick up home décor items for the new place and our new house. Amidst all this, I got an opportunity to collaborate with Philips Lighting for my new setup and check out their much talked about product range that has awesome mood lighting- the HUE SMART LIGHTING! I was aware of the Hue lighting but never really got a chance to experience the product myself and this seemed like a great opportunity and timing! Philips Hue is a brilliant, wireless, energy-efficient LED lighting system that comes packed with intuitive technology. It comes with bulbs, a bridge that helps you controls the lights and a smartphone app that simplifies light with easy control and comfort even if you are in your bedroom or chilling with your family in the garden. From making you wake up to sunlight to relaxing you to energizing you, the Hue light has to light for your every task and mood. Philips Hue is also flawless for party season – and then you have got plenty of third-party apps that turn your living room into a dance floor. They all match your lights to your music, whether that’s a throbbing strobe for upbeat dance, or dreamy mood lighting whilst you’ve put on a slower number.

My most favorite feature of the Philips Hue lighting has to be the ambiance that it helped me to create by customizing my daily routines into moments. From waking me up naturally to helping me energize early in the morning to kick-starting my day with great concentration to helping me fall sleep early- the lighting system does it all with limitless possibilities and yes it does help me to stay on top of my blogging game every single day.

 And when it comes to home décor, the new Philips Hue system has enhanced the way our house looks. My husband and I love the way this lighting sets up the right ambiance for any moment and gives us the option to decorate with both warm and cool white light. For those who are wondering, you can control the lighting with your own smartphones- YES, all you need is to download Philips Hue App and connect it with the bridge and taddaa you are all set to experience the new age lighting.  You can also control it with the sound of your voice! The app makes it convenient to create a variety of color sequences on the LEDs and even to dim or brighten the same.

I absolutely love how Hue is compatible with all the major smart home systems in the World. It’s easy to configure on Apple devices with iOS 10 and Android devices. It’s easy, efficient to control lighting directly from your smartphone and the entire setup is fun to explore. The Hue bulbs are regular LEDs and may sometimes require an adapter holder in case you don’t have screwable bulb holder at your house.

Get more details on the Hue lighting system on and unlock the world of lighting with Philips!

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