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Luxury Taj Safari Featuring Wildlife Lodges In India- Hotels, Itinerary & Details!


If you’re a nature junkie and want to experience the forest in all its glory, Taj Safari is just what you need. When there’s all this untouched beauty in your backyard, why travel across the globe to see something like it? I, Ilina from #TeamGuilty Bytes will give you a download of what the experience is like from Bandhavgarh National Park to Kanha National Park and how you too can plan a weekend getaway to the jungles with wildlife yet luxurious lodges from Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris.. Here's what my detailed media itinerary looked like...

Day 1: Capital to Heart

After a quick flight from New Delhi to Jabalpur, we drove to the Taj Mahua Kothi at Bandhavgarh National Park. A long, but serene drive led us to a truly au naturel property. With only 5 acres of concrete property on a 45 acre land to themselves, Mahua Kothi maintains its natural habitat and village feel with twelve identical villas spread across the property. 

A post shared by Ilina Luthra (@ilinashobha) on

A post shared by Ilina Luthra (@ilinashobha) on

After a laid back lunch in the semi-open dining room with a large agar-old tree kept alive in the middle of the setting, Team Guilty Bytes headed straight to the Spa-like pool. While one may assume it would be a large, fancy pool, it was indeed a beautiful boutique pool with a stunning bamboo canopy formed above it.

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With a sparkling glass of wine, and a view for days, I didn’t want to step out of the pool at all but it was late and of course, the water attracts insects in the forest. The next activity in the order of things was to get dressed and savour some flavoursome Indian dishes at the dining room.
What more could one dream of as the first day of an enthralling journey?

Day 2: Cruising through Bandhavgarh National Park

An early morning like you’d never witness in the city- soundless winds, grass laid with dew, and hard-core jeeps waiting to take us on a safari I can never forget. Driving through the jungle with our designated Naturalist and guide from the authorities was, in itself, a truly magical experience. It came as a shock to me that jungles i thought only existed in Germany very well thrived in our backyard! 

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The landscape moves you- from forest to grassland to ponds, it’s pure and untouched. After a few sightings of some Spotted Deers, a Kingfisher, a Woodpecker and some other beautiful birds I can’t remember names of, we were finally face to face with the number one attraction of the jungle. There it was, an 11-month-old tiger cub, lying on its back, enjoying the bounty of his home and here we were, 6 jeeps from different lodges, eyeing him, waiting for him to get up. 

The moment couldn’t get any more mystical until it did. In walked the mother- not a sight anyone was expecting. She walked out of the thick trees, towards her son, licked him a couple of times and proceeded to cross the road. Like a boss, not fazed by the 20 something people starring at her, clicking away. The guide said she doesn’t care about the paps, she’s used to people trespassing and giving her all this attention. 

A post shared by Devina Malhotra (@guiltybytes) on

It felt like a fulfilled early morning, with that sweet sighting. As we took it all in, the team stopped at a clean spot to serve us breakfast on a decorated jeep hood. After a lot of chatting and sharing of photographs, the jamboree headed back to the stunning property- prettier every time you see it.

Day 3: The road everyone should want to travel

After an unforgettable experience at the very lovely Taj Mahua Kothi, we were finally on our way to the second leg of the experience. Although the drive to Banjaar Tola at Kanha National Park was a long one, it was anything but tiring. The sky was clear as day and the roads were better than our national highways! As we drove into the property, we were welcomed by the wonderful staff who stood in a queue, waving at us until each car reached the parking spot. It was something the staff at Mahua Kothi did when we came in and when we left, but it was heartwarming to see that the Taj team wasn’t done pampering us yet! We were welcomed into a warm little lounge with some snacks and delectable welcome drinks to be escorted to our luxury tents. If i could live to see another tent that looked as stunning as the ones at Banjaar Tola, I could promise myself, I had lived a good life. Overlooking the stunning river was a very spacious deck, bang in front of the bed. Not to miss was that we woke up AND slept to that view for the next two nights.

Later that evening, the staff took us for a super quick drive within the property to spot the reported animal movement, which was when we saw a herd of MASSIVE Gaurs. Again, a sighting that truly took our breath away. The sky still clear as it was in the morning, was laced with a sheet of stars. We went to bed tired but oh, so fulfilled!

 Day 4: A swim a day keeps the lethargy away

There’s nothing quite as lovely as waking up to the canopy of trees, birds chirping and some lovely staff member almost humming “Good Morning”at your door! Well, there is and that is to enjoy some of the delectable meals the chef at Banjaar Told whips up for you with all his heart and soul, and the luxurious dip in the pool you can follow up with. The naturalists had taken us through a quick trip of the jungle, from the books, the earlier night. They had educated us about the wildlife situation in the country and managed to entice each one of us to explore what lies ahead of our own busy lives.

One thing I took away from the trip was that luxury and wildlife, if done the Taj way, are the only kind of vacation you need. The other thing was, seeing a tigress changes you, and it is something I recommend to all our readers.

For bookings and more information read this link-

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