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Did You Know That Dining In The Dark Is A Thing?


Image: Pixabay

No Candle, No light, Only Darkness, You and Your meal !

Pitch darkness is a concept that most of us aren’t used to. Even at night there’s always some light around. Be it the stars or street light filtering through the window.

Dialogue in the Dark or Taste of Darkness has its outlets pan India popular ones in Bangalore, Raipur and Hyderabad.This is a place which gives you the closest experience of being blind and actually feeling how hard it is for people who don't have vision to perform tasks. The place fills you with a newfound respect for people with disabilities. The servers inside are actually blind and yet they are your sight inside the dark restaurant.The management asks you to deposit every light emitting device in the lockers that they provide. Phones, wrist watches and glow in dark Tees are also not allowed.

You can literally see everything that is all around you by just listening, hearing and touching. The guides ask you to identify different sculptures by touching them, identify spices by smelling them.

It’s never really pitch dark. But this is a reality for many who are visually impaired. Have you ever come across a concept of having food in pitch darkness if not go visit whenever you get a chance to do so.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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