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This Food Blogger Has Created A Genius Pizza In A Cup!


YUMM! This Food Blogger Gemma Stafford had created a genius hack for all the pizza lovers in the world. Pizza is loved by one and all. I haven't met anyone in my life who doesn't love pizza. I can devour a pizza all by myself, I mean it!Gemma has found a solution for all the amateur bakers and people who love a pizza but cant bake one! She has created a Microwave recipe for a Pizza in a cup!Yes you heard it right! And it tastes INCREDIBLE!!!!

via biggerbolderbaking

via biggerbolderbaking

This Microwave Mug Pizza is so easy and quick to make. This recipe takes just 5 minutes to make a pizza. It’s the perfect solution when you have a really strong craving for a pizza but are running short on time. Have it in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or as a snack, its just perfect.
Watch the video below to get the recipe:

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