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Healthy Rajma Galouti Kebabs Feat. Philips Airfryer


So mom and I were the lucky ones chosen to cook with the much talked about appliance of the year, The Philips Airfryer! Like you all are aware, The food section on guiltybytes is taken care of by my better half, my mommy, this time too she created a recipe that was worth every bite. So If you are looking forward to a healthy recipe, cooked without oil, almost no oil, then you must follow the steps below, but of course you need to own an airfryer to get the best possible results ;)

For the recipe you need: Boiled Rajma (kidney beans), Brown Breadcrumbs, green chilies, finely chopped onions, chaat masala, ginger, aamchur and salt to taste. Of-course you can add any masala of your choice. Put all these ingredients in a  mixer to get a nice consistent mix. 
Cooking Time: 18 mins
Calories: Approx 100 Calories

So what we really love about the Airfryer is that it cooks food really well, without any excessive use of the oil. Rajma Galouti Kebabs were very well done, crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside and they were mouth melting indeed. Of-course the kebabs needed a dap of oil (we choose to brush it up with olive oil) but it's the rapid air technology that circulates hot air around a grill component which basically cooks the food. The cooking time was about 18 mins, but we had to turn the kebab surface so that crust on both the sides cooks perfect. It's needed to preheat the airfryer before we actually put our food into it, but it's sure a thumbs up for anyone who is choosing to eat clean and cook healthy recipes! 
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  1. like! exactly what I need to avoid deep frying!

    Upasna at Someplace Else

  2. Love the recipe. Btw how much is the airfryer for?

  3. Amazing Recipe...I tried it and the Galouti kababs came out delicious.. from where can i buy the air fryer??

  4. amazing and super easy recipe! loved by everyone and finished in seconds!

  5. I happened to have all the ingredients- amazing! I made it this yesterday and it was delicious.