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A Cherry-ful Birthday!!!!!!


So i met this handsome, young boy in the Delhi metro on my way back home. What made me look at him apart from the good looks was the stuff that he was holding in his hand! A bag that seemed to have some gift wrapping paper and ribbons...! He grabbed a seat next to me and i don't know why i uttered- 'Hi'...!

And then we had conversations- well what i would like to share at guiltybytes is the special part of the conversation. This pretty boy was going to courier the stuff he was holding to his girl for her birthday! And I got a chance to peek-a-boo in his gift bag! (And daym, I WAS FLOORED)

Here, I tell you why:-

The b'ful Cherry dress from, Sling bag from Baggit, Cherry red shoes from Bata and the Earrings from Accessorize made it to the gift pack of the lucky girl!

But there was something else that scored it all- a note (that he wrote in the moving metro)
It's A Confusing world, but it all makes sense when we are together. You are, and always have been, my dream.On your big day, I promise to always love you more and more...You are the only one who leaves me completely breathless...Have a Cherry-ful Birthday

Well I am already moving to tears, I mean you DON'T get guys who can pick the perfect b'day gift after all.
Happy b'day 'the' lucky girl!

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