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It's a Woman's World, So Let's make it Stylish my Dear MAN


Good dressing creates the perfect first impression of a person. A research says that in most cases it is the dress that decided what type of relationship you would like to establish with that person. And no one can dispute the importance that a proper dress has on the appearance of a person. And of course the women as usual are the first one to understand this!
My dear opposite breed- Men, you guys just have to work a little hard in this respect to woo THE woman of your dreams!

Guiltybytes brings to you understanding of clothes that you should select for your body type. (Yes we women do a lot of research on ourselves).

For Short Men

*Go in for vertical stripes and lines that can create the illusion of height. Pin stripes and thin corduroys also give the impression of height.
*Also try and opt for single colors as it avoids break in the structure hence giving impression of longer length.
*Wear clothes that fit properly. Go for slim pants and with very little breaks.
*Shot men should also try avoiding tucking in or wearing waist-length shirts.
Keep the neck exposed by wearing V-necks or peak lapels.

The slim fit pants are available at Marks & Spencers outlet, The V neck Blue T shirt is available ON, the verticle striped shirt is available at US Polo Assn. stores

For Tall Men

*Tall men should create horizontal lines to give the illusion of breadth.
*To give the impression of volume, tall men should also go for the check pattern.
*Wearing clothes in different colors and shades are also good for tall men.Stay away from monochrome outfits.
*Tall men should wear trousers that are pleated and with cuffs. Pleated trousers are especially good for tall and thin men.
*You can also wear polo neck T-shirts to balance the long necks.

The pleated pants with cuffs are available at Marks and Spencers, the Polos are from Shersingh and Ralph Lauren, while the check shirt is from Wrangler

For Stumpy Men

*Stumpy men have wide waists and narrow shoulders. So, they should wear clothes with shoulder pads, narrow lapels and peaked notches.
*Go in for trousers that are available in darker shades.
*The sleeves should be set in and the colors and shades of the tops should be light.
*Stay away from double-breasted suits and low waist jeans. Go in for straight fit, dark colored denims.

White shirt by United Colours of Benetton, Dark straight jeans by Levis, Light shade polo by Ralph Lauren, and The dark shade trouser by

Now that you have the best of info from Guiltybytes, Make sure you follow the trends and then my dear friend nothing in the world can stop you from wooing her with your charm!
P.S. Don't forget to wear a nice, statement watch with your look.!! Keep it stylish Boyfriend!

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