COLOUR BLOCK: The colour-blocking trend began about a year ago and it literally means an outfit made up of 'blocks' of solid colour. Nothing is more attractive than a well-dressed man, and what is there not to love about a well-dressed man who isn't afraid to step of out the box and wear an eye-catching, jaw-dropping combination of colors? 
Dear boys it doesn't mean that you use ten different colors in one go, unless of course you want to look like a modern art painting!

Familiarize yourself with the colour wheel to understand this trend

Here's the preview of Guilty Bytes shoot on color blocking for Men, along with the golden rules#

The combination of the right colour
There are not all colors seemed fitting when matched. You need to choose the right color combinations to get the maximum effect

One shade of colour
If you are not brave enough to crash the color, you still can wear this trend by wearing one color from the shade of the same color from top to bottom

T-shirt- Puma
Shorts- Jack N Jones
Slippers- ZARA

Pair with a white Shirt/T-shirt
Bright colour pants with a white t-shirt is simple. Select a crisp white T-shirt that ill be stacked properly, it will go very well with a bright trousers

Trousers- ZARA
Shirt- ZARA
Belt- Gucci
Shoes- Abroad

Combine bright colors with a neutral
To provide a lighter touch, wear an item with bright color, then select a neutral color for the rest. In case you choose a bright T shirt then you can wear an earthy/neutral colour jacket on top

White Pants- ZARA
T-Shirt- Jack N Jones
Pocket Square- Raymond
Shoes- ZARA
Coat- Custom Made

Experiment with solid colored shoes
If colorful clothes make you want you think and then re-think, begin by experimenting with colored shoes. Red/Tangerine/Blue loafers look good with blocked pants

My Denims- Lee Cooper
Blue Blouse- Adidas
Neckpiece- Forever New
Boyfriend's Jacket- #Blogshop
Shoes- Venus Steps
Model- Sagar Shokeen

And yes you can use denims too with right t-shirt and cardigan!

Firangi Look VS Desi Look

Additional Looks#

  For those with a keener sense of colour matching, feel free to have fun, while being mindful of not looking like Rainbow BrightSo clear off your color palettes and infuse a bit of ‘blocking in your life!

About the Author

Devina Malhotra
Blogger, Fashion writer, Entrepreneur, Digital Media strategist, Bollywood Lover, Army Brat, Baker and 100% Punjabi!

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  4. sania says:

    He looks really nice! I will tell my guy to experiment and try the first look too ;)

  5. very nice devina...i feel u have given a right mix of colors and yes guys have a fear of experimenting wid colors as they fear looking like a clown but after seeing this post m sure this myth wud jst wave off their minds.clearly shows you have a great sense of colors.keep it up:).

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