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From the cartoonist's mouth!


If I had to choose one favorite section on my blog, it would be the People section. Writing about unending talent in this majestic nation and then discovering the god-damn artists is the best part of this blogging business!

So the new post talks about an artist whose intensity of weirdness depends on the people she is with. A mass media graduate, 23 years of age, Saakshi Vyas realized that she wanted to be in the filed of graphic designing after incessant experiments with design soft wares. Drawing inspiration from her mother, what really sets her apart as an illustrator/cartoonist is that she loves cartooning random things and incidents in life!

Being a cartoonist is kind of double-whammy because one needs to have a funny idea and then be able to draw it says Sakshi. 'What was i thinking that is not even 1% funny is what she ends up felling sometimes. To solve this problem she illustrates random incidents that happened to her, or some social issues, or somethings that annoy crap out of her and ta-da she ends up enjoying the illustrating procedure!

Her dream project includes storybook illustration. To this she cheerfully adds,' Anyone out there looking for an illustrator for their books/storybooks, reading this, hire me, hire me! :p

Her work can be viewed on her FB page- 'In The Middle of Something'. On being asked why she kept a name like this for her creative pursuits, she gushes- 'Sometimes i forget the time is going, so for every other things i need, or i do, i have just one answer, 'Sorry i'm in the middle of something'- in the middle of what i enjoy doing!

Her popular cartoon characters includes her- curly hair with the side parting and a mole below the lips! According to her, one thing that sets an illustrator/cartoonist apart from usual career selectors is that they can cartoon anything that they want, put in so many different colors and have fun. And yes drawing cartoon can pay well too, quips the artist!

Her cartoons reflect her simplicity and can bring smile in the middle of everything chaotic in life!
Being an Army kid, she likes to draw her father in uniform too!

She enjoys listening to Incubus, Karnivool, Bonobo, cake etc. She is fond of bollywood classics and for the new ones, she is quick to quip- 'Oh my goodness, they are potty in my ears'

Funniest looking politician according to her is Kapil Sibal and the reasons are listed on the left!

And yes to the budding artists she says- 'always be honest and true to your work'

You can view her work on-Facebook or drop a  mail on-

Happy reading all :)

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  1. i have seen her work, and i am a fan! :)

  2. Fun cartoons! I can especially relate to the one about overeating...I did a lot of that during my recent vacation!

  3. I love this post! It's so funny and sincere! Very talented artist!!!

  4. I really liked this post, the one where the girl is running after her phone is hilarious ! and that's real life haha

    I invite you to visit my blog :)

  5. This was a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. Hi dear! very nice blog! I now follow you to Google + back!


  7. Funny it...
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