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#BreakingStereotypes Feat.


Somethings in life really make us all happy out of nowhere! One of the things that recently made me smile was collaborating with a new company called I was chosen to voice a stereotype that we all usually face in our lives as a part of their social campaign called as #BreakingStereotypes. These guys rightly put how we live to be distinctive and strive to fit in at the same time, adding fuel to the fire of collective stereotypes while moving forward. 

The initiative is aimed to see every individual through a different lens instead of bucketing them in categories. Here's behind the scene for my stereotype and I was more than honored to be shot by a self made international photographer Vicky Roy. I have to thank Prateek for being extremely patient all through and bringing out the best stereotype that my photo deserved!  

And finally I gave the best possible expression that made it to the album!

Let's admit, we have all faced generalization while growing up and we still do. It's like a gentle breeze in this world of chaos to know that there are Hindus who eat beef, Punjabis who love masala dosas,  women who love to cook without having to be a homemaker et al. Stereotypes break some people while motivate others to break records. Being a Punjabi and a fashion blogger has not been super simple, mainly because people have a preconceived notion on how you are suppose to look or be as per a profession, isn't it? The only underlying message to all woman who constantly worry about not measuring up to the artificial standards of beauty being pushed by the fashion and entertainment industries is that it's about time we embrace ourselves. I love brands that seek to form a bond between women of different sizes, because it's through the appreciation bad love of those different from us that we can truly come to love ourselves. Realize your beauty, power and worth today, and then go for something you thought wasn't possible for you 'yet' or 'until' you reach some other point. Loving yourself is the key to unlocking a wealth of health. Don't wait for a specific body-type to arrive at your doorstep before you can show that you love yourself; start NOW AND SEE WHAT MAGIC AWAITS YOU!

Thank you for making me part of an awesome campaign. And yes, for my readers here are my favorite stereotypes from their gallery that I loved personally. You can view all the images Here.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it! Let me know what stereotypes you have heard or experienced the most in your life by dropping a comment below :)

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  1. Very interesting post sweetie.
    Happy Sunday
    The Indian Savage Diary

  2. Lovely post! I agree with all the quotes. There are many stereotypes. I've been treated as if I were stupid because of being a woman. Stunning, isn't it?

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

  3. Great post! Love it

  4. Great and interesting post! "I'm a fashion blogger and I believe in EVERY size"


  5. Hi beautiful lady, i'm so glad to know you, thanks for follow me and i just followed you back. This post is great, well the stereotypes of me " I'm a curvy woman and love to look stylish" :))

  6. Very inspirational phrases!

  7. This is a great post and very true!

    Love your blog - now following, hope you can visit me and follow too if my blog is something you would like to read xx


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