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10 Photos Of Deepika and Ranbir That will Make You Wish They Were A COUPLE


How much I loved these two, Okay before I cry rivers here, let me admit I was never a fan of Ranbir Deepika Love story till they parted ways. I feel sad now. Deepika is possibly the most good looking sultry beauty that has ever existed in Bollywood  and Ranbir, well he is blessed with all that charm. I am not a die hard fan of Ranbir Kapoor's looks, but he is charming and intelligent and that is kind of a big turn on! Anyhow this post is not about my love for Ranbir, but here I am, presenting to you 10 photos that will make you believe why Ranbir and Deepika should patch up and be the next power couple! 

1. Thy couldn't look any cuter than this. I mean just look at that expression on Deepika's face, it's worth millions. 

2. Is it just me or was Deepika really happy, happier and happiest with Ranbir?! My cuteness quotient says 100% and now overload.

3. This is possibly the best B&W celeb photo. What an amazing body language they have got!

4. Ranbir and Deepika and a dream family photograph! I mean mommy Deepika looks yummilicious and awwwlicious.

5. This was my favorite moment in 'yeh jawani hai deewani'. Sometimes people are just meant to be and this picture couldn't do more justice to this statement. 

6. An epic picture needs no caption! They are meant to do and look the same even on an everest. :p

7. If Miss India and Mr India had them as participants, the two would surely walk away with Love wali smile awards. Happiness is being with your loved one, clearly! 

8.  When they really couldn't get enough off each other, looking at each other, then why did they break up?! I guess the same reason I and my Bf had :D

9. This is portrait type and it belongs to their ghost of the past. 

10. This photo not only moves me every time I see it but everyone who sees it. YJHD is a proof that their reel chemistry is as real as their once upon a time real chemistry. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. In the meanwhile let's hope that we see more of their films together if not them for real. 

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of

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  1. Jessica (What To Style)May 12, 2014 at 7:26 PM

    Very interesting post! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog, have a week full of blessings!

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  2. Well shradha darling you caught me right there. Yes tol much updates for you thats why they say, stay in touch. Hmph

  3. they re cute but sorry to say i havent seen 'the chemistry' in them. i think the-most-magical-chemistry-of-bollywood-couple-on-screen only hrithiKareena. would you post about them some time? :")