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Meet The Man Who Dared To Call Salman Khan Saala!


While we all know that Salman's baby sister Arpita is all set to tie knot with her Delhi based boyfriend Aayush, at Guiltybytes I bring to you get-a-little-closer piece on the groom and well, ahem, Bride's love history. Well if you are asking yourself that why does Arpita's love history matter, then my lovelies, think again! Our research team found that the baby sister is a baba player as compared to her bhai, sallu when it comes to love shove te chicken khurana!

Who is this Aayush Sharma? Well he is wana be, B-town actor who is all set to come on the big screen, not that you needed any guesses for it since since he is now going to be jeeja ji of the khan brothers. He is originally from Delhi and is aspiring to be a star. Not much is known of him in-terms of professional experience, but he has tried his hand at modelling and was introduced to Aprita through common friends. Sources also say that the two have been parting and holidaying together in Shimla with both their families being present. Clearly, he gets a No Objection certificate from the Khans!

So here's the bigger picture, the list of good looking men Arpita has dated in the past.

Arjun Kapoor- Yes you read that right! Bollywood's latest sensation Arjun Kapoor has dated Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan. The two were believed to be in a serious relationship when Arjun was 18 years old. Sources tell that Arpita broke up with him but they continued to be best of friends. It was also known that apparently Arpita had booked the entire theater for Arjun's debut film 'Ishaqzaade'. 

Nihar Pandya- This boy always ends up getting a mention on my blog for no reason. Anyhow, Deepika Padukone's former boyfriend and model Nihar Pandya was apparently also Arpita Khan's boyfriend at one point of time. It's said that after dating Arjun Kapoor, Arpita happened to fall for the Nihar paaji. And yes, theirs wasn't a long distance relationship as the two broke up soon after. 

Angad Bedi- Heartbroken Arpita ended up dating Angad Bedi whom she met through a common friend. For those who don;t know about this creature, well he is cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi's son. The two apparently broke up because Arpita felt that he was too flirtatious with other girls of course.  

Varun Shashi Rao- This rumor boyfriend happens to be a model and an aspiring actor. Having done a few commercials and a few films down south, Varun is a software engineer from Bangalore who quit everything to pursue his dreams in acting. And his other recognizable existence in the industry includes his participation in the Celebrity Cricket League team where Arpita's khan brothers are seen playing! 

Well what can we say now, Sallu bhai is 3 while Arpita leads him with 5. It's time Salman puckers up, oh and yes, congratulations to the new man in Arpita's life! :p

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  1. Divya Malhotra KoulMay 14, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    Hmmm nice..hope she ends up married unlike her big bro sallu paa ji

  2. Wow the girl has some pretty handsome man in her curriculum..

  3. he is her boyfrnd i thought pulkit is her bf :-o