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10 Signs You Were Born To Eat Nutella


Some may call it chocolate hazelnut spread, you call it Life! Here are ten signs why you were born to eat an entire jar of Nutella.

1. You begin to feel like this as soon as someone mentions Nutella!

2. This is what you want your trip to grocery store should look like

3. You can happily replace blood in your veins with nutella and who is scared of needles here? No one I Guess.

4. You don't dream of any fancy birthday gifts, you'd be happy with a jar, a life size jar of Nutella!

5. This is how you felt when you realized you hadn't been celebrating February 5th as The World Nutella Day! Yes, it does exist, in case you missed.

6. Your perfect dream looks like this

7. And, well your nightmares be something like this...

8. You realize how much you love your mom when this happens...

9. Because you can't say no to a guy who loves eating Nutella with you!  

10. It doesn't matter if you end up eating an entire jar, because my dear friend, you don't like Regrets, Nutella Regrets!

It's time to dig into some Nutella because you are worth every bite!

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