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What I Really Felt As A Bride-to-be On My Way To The Big Day!


This heartfelt letter from a bride (me) dealing with pre-wedding jitters originally appeared on POPxo.

"We are only a few days from the wedding and I couldn’t be more nervous as I embark on the voyage, that I dreamt of as a little girl, with the man I love. As I sit to write this post, I recall my journey of growing up and how as a child, like every young girl, I too longed for this day. Growing up had it’s own challenges and now as I get married, there are various other emotions that I am dealing with. But guess what, I am not complaining! 
The urge to make everything look ‘Oh So Perfect!’ is only natural since this life event happens only once, or so one desires (wink)! The urge, however, translates into an exercise that is physically and mentally taxing. And that often makes you feel irritable and tired. And somewhere in the middle of all this, it dawns upon you that the time to unite with the man of your dreams is on the edge and so is the moment of parting from your family; the dilemma, if I may call it that! The decision is at least half as dreamy as I wish it to be.  But then again, I am not complaining!

It’s one thing reading a bride’s story about how it rained on her wedding and it’s another thing to hope like hell that it doesn’t….on my big day! It is easy to blame your designer for the dress fittings while you deal with the guilt of not doing enough to reach your target weight. The environmentalist within you wakes and you are suddenly concerned about the smog in Delhi. The real concern being, “Will it spoil my pictures?”. This is the only time when pedicure isn’t a stress buster, when you can only think about the D-day while the cucumber slices cool your eyelids and all you want is to take them off ASAP!

At the end of the day, in addition to everything being tikiti-boo, I want to more than just look good. I want to look happy or maybe not just look but be a happy bride. With that penultimate dream of being a happy bride, I am doing all I can and that’s why – despite the troughs – I am not complaining!"

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