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5 Cute Ways To Make Him Feel Special This Valentines!


The most awaited day of the year is here, the weather is super warm, and you can feel love in the air. It looks as if the whole world is celebrating love with you. We know you must have already made your plans, finalized your date outfit, but have you planned something to make HIM feel special? Well, if not then relax, we had found 5 ways to stun him and make him fall all over in love with you.

#1 Wake him up with his favourite chocolates!
Well, no matter what the world of boy code says, men too love chocolates and sometimes even more than girls. And we are sure you must be knowing his taste, so go on, order his favourite brand and hide it under his pillow, or how about giving them as a chocolate bunch with a cute note inside, just when he wakes up.

#2 Plan a treasure hunt!
Well, he had already won the biggest treasure, right when you said yes. But give him a chance and plan a romantic treasure hunt. Let him find all the cues and actually made him earn it. Hide the clues in such a way that it becomes fun for you both.

#3 Cook together!
If you are planning to do the same old thing like going to a cafe, getting dresses and come back home tired, then drop the idea right away. Have some fun day while you both cook your favourite meal together in pyjama and have a picture marathon.

#4 Plan a gateway!
Or simply take a break from the usual and plan a surprise gateway, book a hotel, get ready and keep the place as a surprise. Don't let him know where you are taking him too, and be the guide. 

#5 Write him a Letter!
Go old school way and write a letter for him, telling all your deep feelings for him, your love and your doubts. He will surely appreciate it, send it in a cute box with a beautiful gift inside.

Do let us know how you made him feel special this valentines day?

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