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Hi Guys, I have been longing to do a house tour since long but didn't really get the time to shoot it. Now that I have a Youtube channel, I am sure I will pull off something sooner or later. Anyhow, in today's post I am going to show you some of the most significant elements from my work station, a place where all the magic really happens!

Miss Guilty's Work Station

DIY Hanging Umbrella Vase

Quotes that Inspire me

Perfect Frame with A Classic Ciroc Bottle

This is a preview of my workstation. Simplicity is the key to decor success, all whites and striking elements really do make a statement. I have created a DIY hanging umbrella vase for my work desk. 

Steps to make DIY hanging Umbrella:

-Use any solid colored umbrella
- Add artificial flowers in it
- Use glittering stands usually used for flower decorations and tie them on the outside of the umbrella using umberella's own string. As shown in the second photo
- With the help of nails. hang the umberella on a wall and that's it you are done! 

Quotes are really powerful way to bring your room to life. I love quotes that inspire me everyday. This one in particular gives me the drive to blog and each time I feel doubtful about all that I am doing, I re-read it and the magic happens. I got it framed in black and white and have hanged it on a baby pink colored wall. I don't like plain frames so I accessorized it with a paper masquerade that we had used for my sister's bachelorette party three years back!

The little pink photo frame is really special to me. I bought this frame when I was in first year college and I thought I'd put a photo of my best friend from my college times in it. I struggled to put the perfect photo in it as much as I struggled with people and friends but with time I realized my best friend was none other than my elder sister who stood by me and still continues to inspire me despite picking on my flaws daily. I love her to the moon and back.

The classic Ciroc bottle was a gift from a very dear friend and has infinite memories associated with it. Memories never change even if people do and that's why this bottle finds a place on my desk. I have put money plant in it for some added greenery and yes it looks gorgeous next to that frame. 

When decorating your workstation, try to opt for objects/designs that reflect you as an individual. This is because when you run out of ideas while working on your computers, no one can inspire you better than you. That's exactly when you will realize about the power of inspiring objects around you. Keep your designs clean so that your life doesn't look like an organised mess! 

I hope you guys loved the preview of my work station, would love to know what inspires you guys when it comes to decor?

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