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10 Reasons why everyone loves Diwali!


With Diwali just around the corner, everybody is in the festive mood. And we have to admit that this is the season we wait for all year long. There is an ample amount of excitement in the air- buying crackers, new clothes, lighting up every corner of the house with beautiful diyas, and eating up all the delectable food on the day of the Puja. Not to mention the quality time you spend with your family throughout.

Here are 10 reasons that make Diwali celebrations with family, a truly unmatched experience!

1. Parents never say 'NO' to festive shopping :
From those fancy lanterns to Rangoli stuff to that designer outfit you've been eyeing on, parents never say NO to shopping during Diwali.

2. The Boss doesn't mind giving you an extended weekend off or a Diwali Bonus :

3. The excitement of going out and splurging on lovely traditional clothes and matching accessories

4.  The unmatched feeling of being surrounded by everyone you love, and knowing that festivals bring everyone closer, for good:

From Grand-Parents to door ke chacha-mama, everyone gets together on Diwali.

5. You love staying up all night playing Teen Patti :

Who doesn't love Diwali parties?

6. The excitement of making rangoli and lighting up the house is something we can’t explain, It has to be perfect.

7. The Festive season calls for Diwali Melas!

8. The festival lights up the spiritual person within you.

9. The time to indulge yourself in FOOD!

10.  Stepping out of your house and seeing lights everywhere is the best feeling ever.

There are so many things that make Diwali such a wonderful festival to celebrate.
Did we miss something? Let us know by commenting below :)

- Jesmehr for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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