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Top Honeymoon Places To Plan In The Month Of October To December!


After the wedding celebrations are over, it’s the honeymoon destination that is the next top priority. From choosing a destination to experiencing the travel together, honeymooners cannot miss out on these destinations especially in the month of October-November-December. We at #TeamWedStreetStyle bring to you top places in India and abroad in the months of October, November and December.

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In The Month Of October:

#1. Darjelling, India:

If you are planning to go in India for honeymoon then, Darjeeling is the best place to start your new journey. It's not expensive and has breathtaking views. In October, the weather is very pleasant. You can enjoy a romantic walk with your spouse in tea gardens and also you will get to experience the view of the snow-clad Himalayas. Don't forget to experience the sunrise from Tiger Hills. For tea lovers, it's the best place to go and you must visit Tukvar Valley Tea Estate.You can also catch a glimpse of world’s rarest animals: the Himalayan Red Panda and the Snow Leopard.

#2. Seychelles:

If you want to go Africa then October is the best month. In this month, the sea is placid and winds are low. You can also enjoy water sports like Scuba Driving and Snorkeling. Don't miss to visit the world’s second largest coral atoll, Aldabra. You can also visit at the Shark Bank, which is considered to be one of the best diving spots in the world. There are numerous virgin beaches like La Digue Island, which is one of the most romantic beaches of the world, Anse Source d’Argen, which makes it a must-visit spot. Another romantic island is Parslin, where you can find gorgeous white-sand beaches and make your moment perfect. 

Food in Seychelles has a bit of everything 😊 You'll find African influences, as well as a bit of French, Indian, Chinese and sometimes English cuisine. No matter what culinary preferences you would have, you will for sure find something tasty to eat here 😊 And if you like curry, you're definitely in the right place! Try the red snapper, the coconut fish curry, chatini requin and of course... the fruit bat 😊 Fruit bat is actually a delicacy in Seychelles, but such a typical seychelloise dish! If you want to read more about foods in Seychelles, check our article on our blog: #prinlume #prinlumecom #trip #travel #traveler #travelto #traveling #travelblog #travelgram #travelblogger #traveltheworld #travelpics #traveldiary #blog #blogger #aroundtheworld #seychelles #seychellesfood #food #fruitbat #3picspercountry This post is part of our new #3picspercountry project, where we'll post three (plus an additional food photo) from all the countries we've been to in 2015. It is a throwback to all the gorgeous places we've visited last year. Hope they will inspire you in choosing the next holiday destinations for 2016
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#1. Rajasthan:

In November, the weather is pleasant. Enjoy the heritage sites, lakes and hill-stations to desert and wildlife. You will find everything here. It is known for its traditions. You can't afford to miss Amer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, City Palace, etc. Elevate your dose of romance on Thar Desert followed by a romantic candle light dinner under the star-studded sky in Jaisalmer. 
Apart for shopping, Dubai is also an almost perfect destination for honeymoon. Enjoy the magnificence of the city or take a romantic cruise. When talking about Dubai, how you can miss the desert safaris there? 
You can also try other destinations like Kerala, Goa, Mexico, New Zealand.

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#1. Andaman And Nicobar Islands:

For the love of sun and sand, Andamans is the place to be especially in the month of December.  It is the perfect month for sightseeing and the weather is also super pleasant. Plenty of activities to enjoy each other’s company, quiet and long stretch beaches for privacy, and perfect climate makes this a honeymooner’s paradise. Rustland Island is a must visit as it is famous for its beautiful beaches. If you want to do elephant safari go for an exciting trek, or enjoy water surfing and boating then you must visit Andaman Island.

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#2. Dominica: 

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"Nature Island of the Caribbean” is a must visit! Spend time with each other, far away from the maddening crowd at Dominca Replublic. You can also trek through sulphur springs to the Boiling Lake. Try a romantic dip in the Emerald pool, which lies deep in the rainforests or try a scuba at the Champagne beach.

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You can also try places like Agra, Argentina, and Las Vegas. 

Let us know your favorite place and yes, take lots of photos for this time wouldn't come again! 

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