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Easy breezy recipe – Guaranteed success for lazy cooks..!


So the inspiration behind the birth of below recipe was pretty substantial. I had little time, wanted to put little effort, had a warmed up couch waiting for me and did not want to leave its comfort for long, plus cannot stress enough on the fact I was damn lazy ( just to cite an example to prove the degree of my laziness , mom’s draggy saas bahu serials were on and even though I was getting bored to death the problem was the remote was 2 ft away from me so I decided it was not worth moving).

But as I could not ignore my stomach rumbling from hunger the creative genius in me woke up and worked out the best short cut to generate a culinary delight which is nothing less than an ingenious master chef dish ( and to think they put so much of effort into them...they should just read the blog for tips ;))

Here it goes guys easy ingredients, simple methods and outstanding results.
Pasta in red sauce

Spring onions(6-7) , finely diced
Garlic chopped finely (6-7cloves)
Olive oil
Packet of pasta(any shape)
Dried basil leaves
Salt and sugar
Chilli flakes
2 CAPS VODKA for a kick

First blanch the tomatoes in hot water until just soft. Peel of the skin and make puree in a mixer.
Boil pasta till cooked. Sieve it and pour little olive oil and mix so pasta does not stick and keep aside.
Saute spring onions and garlic for one two minutes in olive oil until onions are just soft. Add the tomato puree . Add salt , dried basil leaves 2 tbsp , chilli flakes. Cover and simmer on low heat until puree is cooked. Add 1 tsp sugar for a bit of sweetness. Add 2 caps vodka for a kick. When all water has evaporated and puree has become thick add the boiled pasta . Stir well till pasta is well coated.

P.S.- Grate parmesan cheese on top and bake in oven till cheese melts and is golden brown. Also do not keep on sipping on the vodka while making the dish as there will be none left to put in the sauce (talking from experience)

The recipe has been contributed by Arsheen Kamboj- Lazy cook, superb writer and a b'ful PR Professional by luck!

~Till then,have fun cooking with recipes from secret kitchen of Guiltybytes~

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  1. mouth watering yet very simple.keep up d good work

  2. Looks yum certainly! Will try cooking sometime as a dose of laziness :P

    1. Sure you must, but hey do share your experience! :)

  3. waaahh... now i have something to keep me busy and get rid of my hunger at the same time :D

    1. Sure heroine, now that you are back to studying, make some of these yummy dishes to uni.!

  4. It's nice when you see such a great work! Continue writing