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'Yes, I will marry you', Now can we please call a Photographer?


Wedding- a woman's dream, a man's desire and the ultimate tale of two souls is undoubtedly the most special day of everyone's life. What actually is making this big day all the more special is the fact, that you get to see the entire wedding through the eyes of a woman.
A story coming from a woman's lens is as beautiful as the wedding itself. Guiltybytes has picked some undiscovered yet exquisite female photographers who have given wedding a new meaning with their lens.

Bhumi and Simran Photography

These b'ful shooters studied photography in England and while pursuing their Masters they decided to team up and bring the high quality wedding photography to India. Drawing influence from the weddings in west, they have introduced mood/ambient photography too. Calling themselves professional, young, smart, affable and creative duo, they believe they can make the vision of their clients come to life, and in this process sometimes they even step forward to create that vision!

Finding an inherent warmth and vibrance to Indian weddings, these girls feel despite the many variations one see in the traditions across the country, the Indian weddings are photographically more interesting!

From taking pictures they have moved on to practically becoming the bridesmaids as most of the times they end up giving advice on lipstick colour, footwear, hairstyles or even discussing wedding jitters!

They both feel that Wedding photography has dramatically changed in the last few years, with a gradual awakening in the idea of conceptual and candid photography. They say, "People have realised how special their wedding memories can be, if you choose the right photographer. With massive growth in social networking media, the way one presents themselves has become very important and thats why pictures play such an important role!"

And yes to all the budding women photographers they say- "never stop clicking!"

Contact them on or follow their facebook page Bhumi and Simran Photography

Amanpreet Kaur Photography

Having tried different professions from anchoring to Radio jockeying, to writing this b'ful artist found her self clicking pictures everywhere. And ever since that, Amanpreet photography has been happening. Calling herself not just a passionate professional but an avid viewer, she is one person who loves to capture what ever she comes across. Sharing a special bonding with her weapon, she feels she owes a lot to him, yes her camera is a male who has been loving her unconditionally since long. Currently working on her personal ongoing project " feminism", she is trying to capture women from all the regions of India in her ensemble.

What really sets her apart is her inclination towards the weddings at rural India. To this she adds, "that’s where I found real India." The entire vibe of the atmosphere there which is filled with the aroma of home made food, the feel of old songs(lok geet),the traditions, the attires and jewelleries never fails to mesmerize her.

Capturing the chirpiness of a bride or the bridal charm tops her list. She loves making pictures in grey scale, and feels that even when the color is taken from it from , the soul remains intact!

"Typical Indian wedding capture people pretending but now photographer’s skills, techniques and spontaneity capture true self of people and also the couple", quips the young lady. However one thing that she wants to say to young budding photographers is- "Be yourself, listen to your inner being and click"

Contact her on or follow her Facebook page Amanpreet Kaur Photography.

Sanchita Nanda Photography

Being all of 20, this young lady started clicking when she got her first multimedia phone in her school life. She liked taking pictures of objects lying everywhere in her bedroom, the sky and clouds, fb profile pictures for her friends as well as for herself. However her favorite wedding pictures are usually the 'behind the Scene' Shots.

Wedding photography is not an easy task she feels as the bride and the groom are always surrounded with people. "It's not possible to to space out everything in order to get just the two of them in the frame, but at the same time, it helps in achieving lot of candid clicks", quips Sanchita. Ans it's the rituals and the traditional costumes that remain her favorite for the Indian weddings!

According to her, being a women photographer is as good as being lucky as they have the access to the bride even at times when she is not available to others. Bridal pictures at Saloon, while she is getting ready are the memorable clicks for all which can be cherished for life!

Camera to her is a medium to capture 1000 words, emotions and thoughts in a single click. Also its the Black and white pictures for her that helps in lowering down the distractions and helps in concentrating on the inner meanings that need to be captured in a picture. Calling herself one of the budding photographer she says- "If you are good, then keep working on your skills and dont think twice. Women photographers quite a times show a completely different side of photography. which is great!"

Contact her on- or follow her Facebook page Sanchita Nanda Photography

Well, I cant wait to have a wedding and have all of them to be doing pictures for me and I am sure reading this, you all feel the same.
I simply love them because they exist~~

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  1. Really liked the blend of art and wedding into words..!!

  2. This post is just fabulous. How crisply you have drawn this entire marriage procession, the meet of 2 beautiful people and in between bites. Absolutely loved it.

    Keep up the good work girl. ;)

    1. Coming from you is an honor! Thank you very much :) but more importantly it's the girls who have made this post special!

  3. arre waah nanda.....

  4. I like the 'feel' of the photos. Great going.

  5. Beautiful it online...
    Online shopping for sarees and salwars

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