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Jaipur Diaries...!


Breaking the monotony from the maddening life in the metro city, life, at times ends up bringing things that we don't wish for- in usual days, and then when it's over you smile about it and say hell yeah!
A weekend gateway to the Pink city, Jaipur with girl friends was indeed a beautiful experience! 

This post also happens to be my first travel post and that's why you will see more pictures than the text, hope you like them! :)

The majestic Hawa Mahal makes you realize that you are in an architecturally sound city, even when you are shopping! 

Here is exactly where we stayed, The Le Meridien, It's a terribly pretty structure drawing influences from the royal palaces of Rajasthan! If you are looking to spoil yourself  for a weekend with your loved ones, then hit this place straight! 

 Room #406, the Maharaja suit gave us the much needed comfort we needed!! Seen here is my work-soul-sister and me!

The city of Lights!

 Part of the trip went into awards night as well, and it was double celebrations with our team bagging the 'team that rocks' award!

 What we wore to the awards night! (L to R- Neha dazzles in black and blue ensemble, i swear by florals and Vidhi pulls off the gold and black perfectly) 

 We were all born to pose!

 Jaipur offers the best statement jewellery in the god-damn world! And yes we found out the streets and khopches offering nothing but the best, for details ping me ;)

 Lamps and more lamps!

 Shopping can make you look like anything, every-time!

The Sesame caramelized Banana was a stunner, a dessert i can give up anything in the world for!

And for a night full of partying we ensure that we dress to kill! I am wearing Vero Moda skirt and a red printed blouse is from Wills, while Neha is sporting The gorgeous blue peplum from #Blogshop and right in the center is another friend sporting her super gorgeous Buddha tattoo that i am in love with!

Clicking away to glory! 

And the time of life came to an end as soon as we all reported to our work place on the Tuesday! But nevertheless, good things in life come to an end and stay with us forever! Hope you liked the Jaipur chapter from my Diary!

Much love :) 

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  1. Love the travel post Devi! Tell us something you cant write on ;)

  2. It all looks amazing, fun pictures!

  3. Lovely pics!! it seems you guys have a gr4eat time!!

    <3 Val

    1. It was one of the best holidays ever! Thank for dropping by my blog! Much Love :)

  4. I love the concoction of everything in this post.
    Besides you people look great. :)


  5. omg! this luks like a fun weekend with the gals! i visited jaipur in jan n its truly a haven for ethnic jewelry n clothes. love your floral dress, fab!

    1. It was one of the best holidays ever! Dis so much of jewelry shopping! Thank for dropping by my blog! Much Love :)

  6. Great Blog! What do you think about following each other?

    Much Love,

    1. I will follow you now! Thank for dropping by my blog! Much Love :)

  7. jaipur is a paradise for ethnic stuff ! U girls would have really moved Jaipur, with ur hot looks ! loved ur floral dress btw !

    1. JAIPUR truly is b'ful! and yes the dress, IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE too! Much Love :)

  8. Great blog,loved your travel post! You get us hooked every time with each one of your blogs! Jaipur indeed seems very colorful and vibrant! Keep writing ,well done!

    1. Thank you so much Sir! coming from you is an honor, much love :)

  9. What gorgeous pictures! You look so beautiful in florals :)


  10. wow looks AMAZING

  11. nice hotel i have been there late in 2011

  12. Really cute photos....Looking good in all it..
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  16. You all look awesome.. Nice property & BTW congrats for the award. Keep up the good work. Good luck from our side.
    Do visit North-East for the unexplored beauty. you will be definitely mesmerized. Hoping to see you soon in future.