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Hair Care Boot Camp on GuiltyBytes!


Lately I have started to receive a lot of queries regarding fashion, styling options, makeup, products and Hair, my hair! It gives me so much happiness to write on a topic that my readers are wanting to read on. So today I bring to you, Hair Care Boot Camp.

I have often been complimented for my extended locks and every-time my readers drop a comment or when some friend tells me that they like my hair, it just makes my day! (of-course post the compliment I go on blushing spree for forever). As you can see in the above picture collage, I have changed multiple hair styles and yet managed to have the kind of hair I have always wanted to.

Okay so here are my hair confessions
  • Due to overexposure in sun (largely due to sports in school and college time) my hair texture is a bit dry on the ends
  • Demographic change (again due to Military Daddy relocating every two years) has thinned my hair
  • The good side is the over extended length, no matter how often I get a haircut, my hair grows pretty fast
  • Very few split ends, like very few and a clean scalp
  • Waviness makes the hair good to look at whenever wherever
  • Lastly, the best part is that  my hair has never been infected by any chemical treatments

What do I do to keep them healthy?

Get your hands on few important hair care products. Uncomb and comb your hair by applying a hair Serum everyday. Oil your hair once every week, and do it with an Olive Oil (If you have extra oily hair then use oil not on the roots but run it through your hair strands). After your oiling regime, wet a towel in hot water, rinse it and wrap it on your oil filled head for some steam massage and rinse. Apply Hair conditioner after shampooing no matter what (a lot of women avoid conditioning due to lack of time, but darlings start swearing by it). Go for a shampoo that is rich in Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, it cleans the hair without stripping the hair of it;s essential oils. Start visiting a salon for regular trimming if you want your hair to grow like a Rapunzel. Avoid chemical treatments as much as you can, but if you have truly unmanageable hair then you can go in for hair smoothing on the crown region, but hey my hair is chemical free, i cant swear by this for sure. My last hair care secret is the yogurt recipe. In a bowl of yogurt, add 1 egg white, half lemon juice, 2 tsp olive oil and glycerin. Last tip in-order to get long hair, comb your hair backwards, its little tiring, but it sure helps!
It's my mumma's secret recipe, keep it safe all you lovely readers and don't forget to follow Boot camp treatment for happy and healthy hair!

Hope this post is of help, in-case you want to know more, just write in to miss guilty! :)

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  1. hi dear!thanks for your visit!sure i follow you too!kiss

  2. Looking cute....Like your style...
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  3. Hi Devina,

    Recently came to your blog and glad i did. I love your articles. I work with and love to give compliments. Congratulations for your wonderful blog. Will come often to read more.


  4. Hey Devina!! I am in love with your blog. Totally love each and every post. Lover your hair and it makes me feel good that I follow the same routine for myy hair. Olive oil is actually the best. :)

  5. I like your articles its just friendly and I love to read them :)