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10 Cool Reasons To Use Maybelline Baby Lips


I think I am the last person on the earth to talk about Maybelline baby lips, but as they say- it's better late than never! For this post I am not doing any review, instead I am listing down ten reasons as to why you should purchase this lovely little product.

Reason #1
You don't want to have chapped lips, not even in this humid weather. Baby lips heal the skin layer making them look perfecto!

Reason #2
Your boyfriend doesn't like you wear lipstick all the time. Wear baby lips for a much natural lip shade that will score you all brownie points from your lover boy.

Reason #3
You are tired of seeing drooping, messy, salivated lip gloss on your friends/gfs lips. We all have that one friend who eats up her gloss and asks a million times if the gloss is still there on the lips, right? Gift baby lips to that friend right away! It stays and isn't volatile at all.

Reason #4
You want moist, fuller lips just like the actresses. This is the balm for you, apply it and you will have beautiful moist lips all the time.

Reason #5
You like mild fragrances of products because the strong ones make you nauseatic.

Reason #6
You cannot handle matte based lip colors anymore and are in a regular quest for a lip moisturizer that doesn't feel waxy on the lips.

Reason #7
You have never used a an SPF protected lip balm because there weren't a lot of options to choose from, isn't it?

Reason #8
Seven varieties, one brand, and prices at Rs.150 only, need I say more?

Reason #9
You have been wanting have a dream pout in your photographs. If you just nodded on this, then darling get this product right away because it lives up to it's promise of cushioning the lips.

Reason #10
You have heard the baby lips song on YouTube over a million times and have wondered if your kiss can sound oh-so-creative. I am trying to pout for a video version for the song too (image below), if only it happens :D

I hope you enjoyed reading the reasons as much as I loved writing these! 
Image c/o- kayes blog
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  1. That's a wow and great 10 reasons :) Loved the post :);)

  2. Great post, dear!!))

  3. I love these ! Great post :D
    xoxo <3

  4. i like these :)

  5. beautiful lips!!! thanks for your visit on my blog;) sure, i'd like to follow each other;) I am waiting you again to start^_^ xoxo

  6. I like baby lips :*