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DIY: Metallic Eyes EOTD


Contributed by Aarya

A blog-post on of the most interesting EOTD done by Aarya for a party. These are dramatic eyes and anyone can rock this look for a party or a dance night at the clubs. This is a smokey eyes look and I have used 3 eye shadows for the look-

So let’s get started. 
1. Apply a base coat of primer on and around the eye area. Since I have oily eyelids I use primer.

2. Then apply a concealer. You can use any concealer you like and suits the skin tone. Make sure you cover all the dark circles as we already have a really dark colored eyelid and we don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon.

3. Start with applying black eye shadow close to your lash line. You don’t have to be very precise. We just need a darker base that is the reason we need to do this step.

4. Then take a dark colored gray eyeshadow. You can use the ones from inglot. They are super pigmented. Make sure you build up the pigmentation by dabbing more if needed.

5. Now fill in inner half using a lighter gray. More of silver colored eye shadow. One you fill in the inner corner start blending.

6. Keep on blending until you get a fine gradient and you cannot see any harsh lines or creases.

7. I have used the same silver eye shadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. You can use any other lighter shade if needed

8. Use it in the inner duct corner of the eye.

9. Then dab a little glitter in silver color in the center of the eyelid. This gives a nice effect to the overall look and also makes it wearable. It adds a 3d effect to the eyes and makes the eye look more defined

10. Apply eyeliner and kajal in the end. I have used lakme eye conic kajal here. Also I have used the Maybelline hyper curl mascara. You can make a thick eyeliner line so that it gives a nice definition to the eyes.

11. Apply mascara to complete the entire look and you are done!!

Let us know how you like this look by dropping your comment in the comment box below!
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  1. Its ultra glam!!
    Can you do one in golden please..?? Honest request ??

    1. thanks! Sure we can try and get one for you too :)

  2. soperb! you showd it so nicely! thankuu !!

  3. I really love the look! I always shy away from metalics but I will give this look a try. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'd love to follow each other, I'm following you now on gfc, google+ & bloglovin. Let's keep in touch :)


  4. What a pretty look this has turned out to be. Love it.

  5. its freakishly awesome!

  6. gorgeous! i cant stop staring at the first photo :P

  7. Awesome :) just awesome