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Happy 2nd Birthday Guiltybytes & Hello To The Indian Spring!


I know you all are upset with my staying away from blogging spree, but trust me there has been a lot happening lately and it kept me way too occupied that I couldn't, I simply couldn't concentrate on this baby. By now you all know how I am right? I mean, I would do anything whole heartedly than dividing attention and not doing either things with all my heart. And now I think I can write a book on how to make 46 hours in a 24 hour day, especially after juggling so much in the recent past! Anyway, the big news is that on Jan 31st, 2014 Guiltybytes made it to it's second successful year! I express all my gratitude to my beautiful followers & family who have made my life, more beautiful, everyday! 

Remember, when I did my first outfit post? I will be honest, I was so skeptical. It was not like one of the best photography experience, I mean I was just beginning to learn right? But then, that was a time and Now I think I have come a loooooong way! Don't believe me? well then take a look below- 

That was year 2013 in few pictures, but nevertheless I think I am blessed with the best set of readers. Some of you have always encouraged me and adored my posts, and then there those honest one's who have given me the required scope for improvement. Sugar or spice, I have loved it all. 

Then came brands, associating with them and accessing the fashion weeks via this blog, It was and still has been a dream come true! More love and more page views made my blog one of the top blogs on google, hell yeah! Oh and Yes, Team Guiltybytes launched #blogshop. Most of you would remember how overwhelming the response was, one day and all sold out like how. This gave wings to my entrepreneurial aspirations and then I met people, artists, local designers and more. All these artistically driven people were in a quest for a platform that could help them showcase their work and thus came the first draft of the Blogshop Version 2.0

Driven by the vision to connect or reconnect Indians to their roots, we at The Indian Spring are aiming to promote artists and their crafts & creations at a very reasonable price.  Unlike other retailers, we don’t have exorbitant profit margins, but what you are ultimately going to pay for is the artist’s 100 hours of failures & experiments, his/her piece of heart but most importantly a moment of their life! And of course we are charging you the shipping and logistic fee which is mentioned clearly on our website!

The Indian Spring Team
The Indian Spring has been my mother's undiscovered dream. She is a specialist in clothing, fabrics and embroideries and co-founding this forum with me and Divya, this is her second innings in life and we hope you all give us as much love as you have shown towards guiltybytes. At The Indian Spring, we are offering clothing, ethnic jewelry and home and living items crated by small time local artists with big dreams in their eyes. You can shop online with us and yes we are giving absolutely free shipping in India and are also shipping worldwide!

Dreams come true if you believe in the power of your dreams! This is my small summary of year 2013-2014. I promise I am going to roll many more interesting blog posts like always and be all the more regular, just like you all expect!

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