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MAXI-mum Fashion in Tangerine...!


Maxi dress, the old school style is back this season. The elegant femininity of the maxi dress is what attracts so many women to it: it can make you feel free, comfortable yet sexy in this sticky weather of Delhi! You just need to throw on little accessories and ta-da it's done. Whether you choose eye-catching prints or solid colours, pair a maxi with a long necklace or chunky bracelets, top it with a massive over sized sunglasses, give it some lift with a pair of heels, your maxi dress will always look gorgeous!  

#Tips To Wear a Maxi Dress

I fell in love with a Maxi dress, Tangerine in color! Yes its 'the' colour that is trending across the globe. Here is my ensemble!

A simple maxi dress with solid colours expresses timeless style that can be worn  forever. While picking up a maxi dress, try avoid fitting into one that makes you look like a tent. 

It covers up pretty much any part of you that you just don’t feel like exposing. It conceals thigh lump and tummy bump. When adding up a cardigan, avoid buttoning it up.

Always remember the dress is the statement piece, so don’t over-do it. A statement necklace, handcuff and a stylish bag  can do wonders.

A pair of sticky denims is a no-no for me, and i feel that the beauty of the maxi dress lies in the fact that it offers undeniable element of romanticism. Pair your look with High leveled heels and my b'ful diva, you are ready to roll it in style!  .

My Tangerine maxi dress is from the brand Sher Singh, do check out their collection, a thumbs up from me! The neck piece is from Andamans (a gift from my sister), The boyfriend's cardigan is from Mango. The handcuff and earrings are from Aldo. I picked up the statement ring and the jute bag from a local flee market!

But the best thing about a maxi dress is when someone asks how long it's going to take for me to get ready- and when I say  "five minutes", I really mean five minutes. :) 

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  1. I love the way you're bring the tangerine out!
    And the boyfriend's cardigan is to drool for. :)

    1. Thanks Vidhi, Tangerine is my fav this season!

      Much Love,

  2. this is somethin nice, and not over the top. nice choice of color as its my favourite too..keep up the good work. would love to see more on fashion..mwah

  3. really suit orange! thanks for following...i've followed back xxx

  4. cool outfit!

    Thanks for leaving comment on my blog today!