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How To Have Kiss Proof Lips This Spring!


In my series, Basic Training, I’ll be giving a crash course on simple hair and makeup tricks that you still haven’t quite mastered.

Who doesn't love kiss-proof lips? Makeup Artists all across have been sharing tips on process of getting smudge-proof is a tested method for you all to follow!

Step 1: Dampen lips and lightly exfoliate them. Use sugar mixed in a drop of honey and rub it well for just 20 seconds by the clock. If you are allergic to honey, use a combination of sugar and a drop of lime juice and do the trick. This will buff away dead skin cell.. Just make sure to wipe the excess off with a paper towel before starting lipstick application.

Step 2: Line your lips with a clear liner. Stay just within your lip lines. “It acts as a road block, so lip color can’t get out of the lines.”

Step 3: Prime lips with foundation. Gently press some foundation on top of your lips using your fingers.

Step 4: Use a lip liner to draw the perimeter of your lips. Fill in your lips with the liner.

Step 5: Apply your lip color.

Step 6: Once your color has set, you can apply a clear lip balm either with a brush or with your finger.

Step 7: Use a pearl colored highlighter on your cupid’s bow. You can also dot it on the center of your bottom lip to make lips really stand out.

And ta-da  “You can drink your cocktail without worrying.”

Hope these steps help you with the perfect kiss proof lips. Let me know your thoughts by dropping a comment below!

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