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Beginners Guide To Makeup Brushes!


Ever since I started my Youtube channel, I have had so many of you ask me about makeup essentials and the products that I use in my videos. So this time I thought of doing a detailed post on makeup essentials: The Makeup Brushes. The right kind of makeup brushes are very important for your makeup. Brushes are like an investment, and you should never really compromise on the quality of the brushes you use.

Here's a beginners guide to makeup brushes. Please note that I have done a detailed post on the kind of brushes you should own with time, it doesn't mean that you need all of these for your daily use or if you are simply starting to do makeup.

For Face, you need a flat foundation brush. It works really well on the face and helps in evenly spreading out the foundation. Go in for a big brush that has more brush strands so that it can a good amount of foundation can be used or application. I have QVS foundation brush that I purchased from Nu U store for about INR 900.

You can use a plus size powder brush for face and body for application of Compaq. I love big size brushes as they help in an even look of the face especially when powdery substance is applied. You can go in for a smaller size brush for compaq, but a bigger one is way too versatile for face, neck and body. I purchased this brush from The Body Shop on a sale for INR 995.

The Next brush you need is a blush brush. Go in for a soft, round, large size brush for blush on application. I purchased my brush from Nu U for INR 795.

Blending brush for eyes is essential one and I love my purchase form The Body Shop. This brush is soft and helps me in blending crease makeup easily. I got it from sale for INR 675.

For eyes you need to understand basic brushes that you need. 

Start with an eye-shadow brush that is needed for color application on your eyelids. Go in for a fat eyeshadow brush which will allow you to use colour in good amount. I was gifted these brushes from an American brand. You can find the entire set at Forever 21, MAC, The Body Shop India.

Next brush you need for all smokey eye makeup and effects is a crease brush. You can apply any dark color using this brush on your crease area, to create a depth and then blend it with a blending brush. 

Next brush you need is a liner brush. Best option for gel based eyeliner and also you can use eye-shadow as a liner using this brush.  

Last, but not the least is an eye comb brush for mascara and eyelids. 

All these eye brushes can be purchased as sets from MAC, Forever 21, The Body Shop India website, and more.

Hope the makeup brushes guide will help you with your makeup trousseau. If you are a bride-to-be and are struggling with perfect makeup brushes or products, please feel free to drop me a mail on devina(at)guiltybytes(dot)com.

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  1. Divya Malhotra KoulJuly 13, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    Useful post, thanx so much for the valuable post. you really helped understand the brushes and their usage. great post

  2. Landed on your blog randomly and loved every bit of it, going great :)

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