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With an attempt to personalize my blog a bit more, today I am going to share my beloved eye shadow palettes on the blog. I will admit, eye makeup came to me years after I started my trail of makeup, I always thought it was something I couldn't pull off ever. With the want to try, I ended up Youtubing videos and here I am, with my varied pallets, mostly in warmer tones. Read on to find out tips o how to choose a palette for yourself...

You must have noticed most of the palettes are in warmer tones that's also because I use makeup to enhance my skin tone and not to cover it up. I have a warm skin-shade which goes well with browns and darker tones. So when you are looking for a eye shadow palette here are quick tips you must remember-

Go for a Varied Range: The best things about eye shadow palettes is that they come in large combination of colours and shades, go in for a palette that mix of colours and textures that tie with one another- a light and dark shade, neutral and a shimmer shade are a must have!

Back to Basics: Women look really graceful in eye-shadows that are either nude or smoky. With nude you can own a range of brown, taupe, beige and champagne colours and with smoky palette you can have black, grey or a shimmery highlighter. You can also own palettes that make your eyes stand out- something with turquoise, purples, greens, teal, copper or golds. 

Layering Shadows: This is my answer to perfect eye makeup. Wear bold shade on lids and blend it out to neutral color or use a light matte shade and blend it with a dark shade on crease area. You can also use your shadows as liners. 

Tone It Well: Go for palettes that have intense shade, mix it with neutrals but not whites which will look chalky. Just blend well and you can master this art completely.  

My eye shadow palettes are from Maybelline, Lakme, Palladio, Inglot and Backstage Kit. I use a mix of matte and pigmented colors with creamy textures. I also have shimmery colours, mostly in warmer tones for a day to night swift transformation. I am yet to own the much talked about Naked eye-shadow palette, but soon I will get my hands on it too :) 

For eye makeup tutorials you can follow my Youtube video here- Guiltybytes

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