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Hottest Diwali Home Decor Ideas


This year I am going to share as many posts as I can on the festival of lights! My today's post is a sweet inspiration from Pinterest on how you guys can dress up your homes, or some elements at your home this Diwali.

Lanterns need not be hanged always, take inspiration from this tablescape and dress your dining table with lanterns and candles as the center piece. Cover it up with some flowers for an added elegance. 

Even if you plan to dress up the table with lanterns, we still have appetite for the hanging ones. Just get some glass mason jars or glass lanterns in different colours and hang them in the party area. Add tea candles to light it up. 

We all have bangles don't we? Just stack some beautiful bangles on a Diya and stick them using fevi stick or glue. Add tea candle to it and light it up for a beautiful decoration piece.

No need for elaborate crystal pieces to light up your house with floating candles. Instead float single tea-candles in a glass of water, it puts a spin on things and looks just precious.

Add fruits like cranberries to your floating candle bowl for a more colourful appeal this Diwali. You can use grapes, cranberries, cherry tomatoes etc to achieve this look! 

Hope you guys liked our curation, would love to know how you are decorating your home this Diwali!

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