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VIDEO: Two way Braided Hairstyle For A Bad Hair Day


Hello my beautiful readers, I am wayyyyyyyyyy to excited to write today's post! Okay so right now on the blog I have a hairdo that you all loved (I know you guys loved it as it was my entry For Elle Blogger of the year award 2014 round 1, remember?) You all voted for this hairstyle and here I am, with a step by step video tutorial on the same. This one is called two way braided braid and yes it can save you from a bad hair day!

So here is my step by step video tutorial for you guys that will help you create this braid!

As usual I am hoping to get loads of thumbs you on my video from you guys. If you have any video requests do let me know by dropping a comment either on my channel or here. Have a great hair day you all.

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