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Why Rekha Gave Cold Shoulders To Puneet Ji on Bigg Boss Season 8


Rekha managed to spead her charm on bigg boss season 8 when she came to promote her film, Super Nani. Both Salman and Rekha shared the stage after long but their tuning together ensured that viewers were entertained all through. 

Apart from singing and dancing Rekha was also spotted interaction with the housemates and having a good time with almost everyone but Puneet ji, a.k.a Puneet Issar. The 'Umarao Jaan' actress was very warm and approachable with everyone but she subtly ignored Puneet all through.  In fact, when she went inside the house, she greeted everyone with a hug, but when Puneet tried to hug her, she walked away.

Rumour has it that the actress is supposedly miffed with Puneet over the Coolie film incident. As most of you know, while shooting for Coolie, Puneet had accidentally caused a serious injury to Big B, after which he had become a national villain. While everyone got over that incident, seems like Rekha is going to take her own sweet time! 

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  1. Oh wow! I did not know that. That is a nice scoop.