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7 Wedding Invitation Ideas For Bride's Bestfriends


You are having you dream wedding and everything seems to be in place! It's time to invite relatives, family and friends with series of beautifully printed cards and a chocolate box/ladoos, isn't it? But wait, have you ever thought of inviting your best 'girl' friends in a different way? Do you think that your girlies who have been with you since your farewell parties days to your first crush stories to your wedding news moment deserve a special invite??? Well guess what, today on the blog I have curated some really cute invitation ideas that you can use to invite your best friends for your big day!

I so love the above photo, this is exactly how me and my best friends are going to look like on my wedding someday! But yes, here are some cool wedding invitation ideas for your bridesmaid...

1. A Cute Assorted Wedding Invitation Box!

Create a cute box with a cover that reads- "will you be my" and a 'Bridesmaid' studded t-shirt inside that your girls can wear to a pre-bridal party with you. Add a bottle of champagne, some jewels and cute accessories along with your wedding event calendar. Your bff will be happy, happier, happiest after receiving this!

2. A Mani Box With An Invitation

You know her favorite colour is orange, isn't it? How about creating a cute mani box for each of your girl friend that will have their favorite colour polish and your event calendar list and a message that will read- "will you be my bridesmaid?"

3. A Photo Box With a Wedding Invitation

She is that special someone in your life (before that dream man came along), so make her feel extra special before your wedding! Create a DIY photo box with all your sweet memories and photos from your childhood. Add sweet messages under each photo and notice her reaction while she goes through it. Keep a handwritten note at the end that will have list of all your weddings events and dates that she needs to save! (Get ready for a teary eyed bear hug after giving her this gift)

4.  A Proposal Box

Remember the CANDY solitaire ring we all use to eat in our childhood? Yes, make a proposal box and propose your bffs to be your special bridesmaid at your wedding! Add that candy ring along with your wedding event flow and surprise them all with this sweet little gesture. 

5. A Wedding Card With a Personalized Message

So your wedding boxes are ready and now you really don't have time to do fancy art & craft for your close friends, well in that case do the simplest thing possible- add a personalized message. Use any acrylic colour tube and add your personal message, a funny quote or a photo on your wedding card. When your friend will open the card she will tear up in smiles for sure! 

6. A Shopping Bag Invitation

Every girl loves holding and collecting shopping bags with loads of goodies, isn't it? Just create a personalized shopping bag for your girl friends. Add a bottle of champagne to mark the start of celebrations along with cute gifts like some accessories, earrings, neck-pieces, clipons, statement belt, a coaster with a funny quote and your wedding event planner! This will woo her totallllllllyyyy. 

7. A Santa Claus Wedding Invitation For The Maid of Honour

Bring out the best of your shopping skills in a santa box! Add her favorite lip glosses, blush ons, creams, lipsticks, perfume and anything that she loves and adores in this wedding invite. Also, keep a small little bottle of a spirit that she loves to drink :P. This can also be an exclusive gift for the maid of honour only! (I know my best friend is already getting ideas after reading this)

I hope you girls loved our curated list and that you are totally going to draw some inspiration from this blog post. Go all out for your girl friends before your big day and tell them- I found my man, but I still need my girls! 

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