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DIYs make me the happiest person! With festive celebrations still continuing at my home I thought of sharing the easiest DIY of the season that I am sure a lot of you would love to do for your bedrooom, living rooms or just for a nice center piece. Say hello to DIY Bottle lamp on guiltybytes...

For this tutorial all you need is an empty bottle of wine, alcohol or VAT 69 (as in my case) ;) Clear the bottle of all stickers and seals, make you you wash it off properly!

Next thing you need is a string light. yes the same mirchi light we have been using for Diwali decor. So the only thing you should keep in mind while using these string lights is that the colour of the light should be similar to the colour of the bottle. For say I am using VAT 69, I am using green colour lights instead of yellow. 

So the third and the most simple step is to insert the string light in the bottle. The more string lights you add, the better is it going to look. So make sure you use a longer strip. 

This beautiful bottle light is perfect for brightening centerpieces and table decor. Looks great with warm white fairy lights or mirchi lights. And I also created the same center piece with SULA wine bottles, so in case you have empty wine bottles, then this is how it will look...

That's a picture of me and my elder sister and two wine bottles that I used to create this beautiful corner in my bedroom. 

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  1. Wow! So cool idea! this is the best way to use recycle bottles! I am thinking about give this one lamp to my friend, this lamp will be the best present for her. Thanks.
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  2. Awesome....This bottle lamp is a good idea to add beauty to our bedroom. Moreover we can reuse the empty bottles of wine or other drinks. I shall try it for sure. Very nice explanation with picture would help other to make it easy.

  3. Amazing Idea to decor your home by small filaments bulbs. this is very imperative to show the lights in dark.
    I will also try for my room. Thanks for sharing for wonderful idea.
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