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Braun Face Review: Epilator + Cleansing Brush


Every now and then you must have heard of epilators but when it comes to facial epilators, apprehensions take the front seat, isn't it? When Braun Face epilator was launched by Procter & Gamble in Mumbai, #TeamGuiltybytes was introduced to this new 2 in 1 facial device! We have been using it for more than a month now and here's what we have got to say...

This device is pure magic! It delivers pore cleansing and high precision facial epilation. Our review is divided into two parts- Facial Epilation & Flawless glow.

Facil Epilation : Discreet yet highly efficient, the epilator head is slim and can be used easily on eyebrows, upper lip and chin. It removes the smallest of hair with great precision. It basically has 10 micro openings that leads to face epilation which by the way, is 100 times faster than tweezers! The Braun Face 810  has a very sleek design, and the handle houses one AA battery which can be operated with a simple On/Off switch. The Brush and the Epilation heads are detachable. A mini brush has been provided to clean the device post the epilation.

To use the epilation head, you simply need to rotate the epilation tool against the direction of hair growth (the same concept that is used for waxing). It doesn't hurt and no your skin won't bleed either. You will feel a very tiny sting every time a hair is pulled from it's root (applicable on both thick and thin) but the result is immediate. The new hair that will come back won't be coarse or thick (tried and tested). 

Cleaning Brush: You can transform your device into a cleansing brush and use it as a deep pore cleansing solution! The cleansing brush gently but thoroughly sweeps away makeup and impurities. It's more effective than manual face scrubbing and will leave your skin soft and healthy looking!  

Price: The Braun Face 810 is priced at INR 4900 and can be purchased from It is worth every penny since the technology is pretty impressive (P&G what else can you expect), delivers great results and is super compact to carry, an investment truly!

I hope you guys try this product and if you do then do share your experiences in the comment box :)

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  1. wow.. interesting product.

  2. I purchased this as well after reading this! Loving it for upper lips ;)

  3. Devina, up until the Braun Face using an epilator on your face was scary business since the facial skin is so delicate. You are right it works very similar to waxing.

  4. I have Braun silk epil 7 and it is very useful. I can use it even my face.Because it has 5 attachments and makes it very effective.

  5. Thank your for sharing the post.
    The bikini trimmer looks great but I'm afraid to use it.
    Read More Here

  6. I bought and used it then through your post.
    It is great, thank you for sharing the article.
    Go Here

  7. I bougth it last week and it is really addictive. I love it.

  8. Nice post! The author seems to be quite sarcastic! But he is absolutely right. The animals in the zoo eat away the poor mans resources and also pose a threat to them. It is actually us who waste a lot of resources. If we go on killing animals they will be extinct but the wastage will continue. Anyway I liked your post.

  9. nice post.up until the Braun Face using an epilator on your face was scary business since the facial skin is so delicate. You are right it works very similar to waxing.