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OZ mum Nearly Died from a Dirty makeup brush | Learn How to Clean & Condition Makeup Brushes


Australian mum, Jo Gilchrist contracted a bacterial infection through a dirty makeup brush that attacked her spine leaving her in chronic pain and now permanently wheelchair bound.  The OZ mum had casually borrowed a freind's makeup brush to conceal a spot and ended up contracting MRSA. She was paralyzed because the infection went to her spine, had it gone to her limbs they would have had to been amputated and if it had gone to her brain she would have died.

As a general rule make sure you clean your makeup brushes and avoid sharing it. My today's video on how to clean makeup brushes will help you to clean your brushes in a simple way. I learnt it from Michelle Phan and I can't thank her enough :)
Here's is the step by step, DIY Video on how to clean your makeup brushes with home ingredients for you all. If you like it, do give a big thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. 

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  1. Great post... just what I was looking for!

  2. This is such a great video , thanks for sharing.