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10 Reasons Why Kargil War Was An Ordinary Battle


Fought in the 90s, just another Indo-Pak border issue, and the same old accusations of cease fire violation! Who on earth would want to remember just an ordinary war or an insignificant day called as the Vijay Diwas? 

So, in the memory of the brave soldiers and the extra ordinary battle, here are 10 reasons why you should  definitely remember those who served the nation and celebrate 26th July with the utmost pride. But then, if you don't – I feel sorry for you!

1. Ordinary Battlefield  

2. Fought For The Shortest Time

3. Hardly Any Sacrifices Were Made

4. No Patriotism

5. And Barely Any Guns Were Used

6. And all the hype around Tiger Hill and it's height

7. And Indian Airforce is significant only during Aero shows

8. And who cares what PVC means!

9. No Brotherhood

10. And there were hardly any legends!

On Kargil Vijay Diwas, pause to consider the Kargils that go unnoticed. Feel blessed, for every one solider meet is protecting you or the nation or both! Being a fauji kid, I salute the exceptional gallantry and devotion of the brave heart soldiers who fought for our future and laid their life around battle fields in Kargil. Jai Hind! 

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  1. 10 most fabulous reasons out of 100's of others as to why to respect and remember our brave soldiers! Thanks Devina.

    Jai Hind.

  2. Well written. Having come back from a 10 day drive from Leh, and after meeting the soldiers at kargil, I only have the highest respect for our army.