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8 Bigg Boss Stars Only Drama Loving Indians Could understand || Bigg Boss And It's Controversial Stars!


Big Boss 9 is all set to start again on colors tv. Just the way we have seen in past, there is atleast one star who sets the house on fire, let's have a look on some of the controversial yet memorable stars of all seasons:

1 Big Boss Season 1 ( Rakhi Sawant)
Rakhi Sawant is the most controversial star in the bollywood. She is always present in limelight with some of her controversial actions.

2. Big Boss 2 ( Sambhavna Seth)
Sambhavana Seth became the new controversial queen of season 2. Her violent acts and her fights with Dimpy Mahajan always kept her in focus. 

3. Big Boss 3 ( Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK)
We can say that KRK is the controversial king with his tweets and the evergreen bad attitude. He was the most disliked contestant in the house because of his bad attitude and aggressive behaviour.

4. Big Boss 4 ( Dolly Bindra)
Dolly Bindra was one of the loudest and most irritating contestant in the house. She knew very well on how to get publicity with her statements and abuses.

5. Big Boss 5 ( Pooja Bedi)
Pooja Bedi was also seen in controversies because of her statement for salman khan. She was banned to attend the Big Boss finale.

6. Big Boss 6 (Imam Siddiqui)
Imam was another person whose only focus was to be on camera because of his facial expressions and psychological issues.

7. Big Boss 7 ( Armaan Kohli)
Armaan kohli was in limelight because of his abusive nature. He only kept on picking up a fight with other contestants. He called Kamya Punjabi a 'divorcee'. Armaan and Taneesha's relationship was also one of the hot topics for audience.

8. Big Boss 8 (Gautam Gulati)
The hottest Gautam Gulati was in focus from the first day of the season. He was in limelight because of his fight with Karishma and other contestants. Gautam won the big boss and got the highest vote ever in the history of big boss.

We are eager to see who is it going to be to star for the next season of Big Boss 9. We can't wait now for some high voltage drama.

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- Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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