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Desires Will Beat Your Fears Even In Love!


Life's not about fulfilling your satisfaction. The day you are satisfied, your desires die, so does your hope! You forget it many times, no matter how hard your day has been, no matter how tough your choices are or how complex your ethical decisions are, you always get to choose what you want for lunch. Last night I went to bed with a book, not nearly as much fun as a 25 year old, but the book had a speech by Adlai Stevenson. The year was 1952, it read- 'The tragedy of our day is the climate of fear in which we live and it is the fear that breeds repression. That fear you can see among your peers, your best of friends, the fear of rejection. Be it at work, or at home, or your already punctured heart. What you don't know is that rejection is merely a tool to build up your morale, and not a short cut to build up a toll on you. Go out, take chances, live life, face rejections and come back right up stronger and sharper. Life and love go hand in hand, it's not a swift sail on a yacht. It's a stormy ride on a paper boat. Everything can change in a heartbeat, and it does. There's no life without love, even if it's for a moment. Whatever you do or did, don't give up. Because if they love you, they'll forgive you. Things break. They fall. That's a maze we deluded avatars call, 'life'. Always be on the lookout for your moment. It's a big, bad world full of twists and turns, and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment. The moment that could've changed everything. Don't be a shy moron. Take your chance, that leap of faith. Who knows, you might wake up next to your soulmate one fine morning.

Yours Unfaithfully,

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