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Do Smoothies Really Help In Losing Weight?


Smoothies are the new 'it' food items for weight watchers but do you know that your smoothie diet can actually make you put on extra weight if not done right. Here are some tips for you to make this diet work for you.

Drink Smoothie As A Correct Meal Replacements
Kickoff your weight loss plan with smoothies in the correct way. Every-time you consume a smoothie, make sure it fills you up for a longer time. Consuming small snacks even after drinking smoothie will only make you put on weight.  

Don't Shy Away From Healthy Fats
Add avocado and coconut to your smoothie as it will satiate your taste buds and hold your hunger. You can also add any creamy texture fruits like mango for better. 

Add Protein & Fiber To Your Smoothie
Add more protein and fiber hold off hunger until the next meal. Adding protein keeps you fuller until next meal. Add protein powder to your smoothie and blend in some fibrous fruits for best results.

Add Fiber To Combat Fruit
Fruits have sugar too so to balance your smoothie out by adding in more green leafy vegetables and fibers. If you add maple syrup and honey, do it in minimal quantity.

Limit Your Juice Quantity
Juices have high carb, and are low on protein hence you can skip putting a generous amount of juice to your smoothies. A very regular consumption can increase spikes in blood sugar and may even lead to fatigue. 

Hope these tips help you with your smoothie diet! For more articles, keep following our blog. 

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