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Do The Wrogn Auditions With Virat Kohli


WROGN auditions, one of the coolest game to happen to the internet is something that you just can't miss! Hosted by the ace cricketer and hottie, Virat Kohli, you now stand a chance to win yourself a hangover in Vegas. Sounds too good to be true right? Well I have been lucky to associate myself with this game that tests your instincts and let me tell you I failed 5 damn times before I made it to the last question. 

That's what you can win!
Sexy Virat's invitation to play Wrogn auditions
This is how the game loads
Sign in with Facebook or Google ID
Here is hottie's first question
And that's my result (right after the first question)
So the game is pretty simple (not). You sign in with you Facebook or a Google ID and then you are greeted by Virat Kohli who then throws questions at you, taking you for a toss! I have been playing a lot of contests and games online but this felt so real. It's like Virat is looking into your eyes, killing you slowly with his looks and then putting you through a test that could make you win a trip to Vegas. You will love the VFX and graphics of the game in particular. The sound just intensifies the whole experience and Virat's Q&A session a.k.a videos create all the real-time impact. (Just love the way he looks at me, I tell you).

As far as the format of the game is concerned, there is really no right or wrong answer for most of the questions. Virat duped me into asking if I could do a parallel parking if I was drunk, and with my 100 Punjabiness, I answered a YES which ultimately led to my first round elimination. If you are wondering why I got eliminated, well it was Virat who gave me this cool yet responsible logic of not driving while I am drunk! Now that really made sense, and it still does. But I didn't give up and tried the remaining cool questions only to fail miserably. So if you think you have what it takes to beat Virat, or if you can do a better job than I did, then do try your luck by playing the Wrogn auditions. 

And hey Your ticket to Vegas waits on the other side of 10 questions, where one lucky winner gets to fly with three friends for an epic hangover. You could also win 10,000 Wrogn tees from Virat's lookbook. So wait no more and play the game here. oh and yes, Wrogn is a breakaway youth fashion brand that you will love to explore. 

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