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EID SPECIAL: 10 Breathtaking Instagram Photos of Hajj, Mecca!


Mecca, the holiest city in the religion of Islam is also known as the ultimate destination for Hajj. Vast number of pilgrims come here for prayers. Here are some Insta pictures that define the beauty of Mecca like no other.

1. The sunset
2. The starry night!

3. The unison!
4. The bird's eye view!

5. The morning glory!

6. Endless prayers!

7. City lights!

8. Pure Gatherings!
9. Endless Queue! 
10. Serene Blue Skies!
Mecca has the largest gathering in the whole world. We wish a very happy Eid to all our readers and hope you all have a wonderful year ahead!

- Photo Source Instagram. Akriti for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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