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3 complementing hairstyles With Your Karwachauth Outfit!


When the markets are blinging with shining bangles, mehandi walas and a lot more, we know it’s karwachauth time. Women are all so excited, shopping and planning to look their best in their exclusive ethnic outfits. So, when the outfit is all set, the make-up is in place, there is no chance you ladies can go wrong with your hair on karwachauth. Your attire is incomplete without a hairstyle which stands out and here we are with 3 hairstyles which you can choose from to accentuate your traditional look.

1. Low-side Bun:
Perfect to be worn with a saree, a low side bun is very romantic and elegant at the same time.  

How to achieve the look:
All you need to do is curl broad sections of your hair with a curling iron. Now, twist the front bangs and keep twisting till you reach the back of your ear. Secure the twist with bobby pins and make a ponytail. Now, hold one section of the hair at a time, form a loop with it around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the same till all the sections are done and the bun looks in place. Leave out a few loose curls around the ears to give the bun an easy-going look. Do secure the hair with a hair spray once it’s done.
2. Sock Bun:
So what if you have short hair? You can still make a bun by rolling a sock into a donut or simply buy a donut from any beauty store. A sock bun is more neat and structured and looks the best with indo-western outfits.

How to achieve the look:
Make a ponytail at the desired height and place a sock or ready-made donut with the hair tie i.e. the starting of the pony tail. Now, bend over and let your hair fall on the donut. Once, it is fully covered with your hair, just secure it with a hair tie and wrap the extra hair around the bun fixing it in with bobby pins and U-pins. Finish of the look by pinning along 2 red roses or any flower which matches your outfit and voila, a salon-like look at home is what you’ve created!
3. Half up – Half down:
A half up – half down hairdo is neither too formal, nor too casual and goes with almost all outfits. However, if you have chosen a lehenga for this authentic day, then this look is for you.

How to achieve the look:
Flat iron the hair and divide it into a front section and a back section from the crown of the head. Now, from the front section, take small sub-sections and spray them with hairspray and start teasing. Then smoothen out the hair and giving it a little bump, secure it just below the crown with bobby pins. Leave the bottom section as it is and your dainty half up – half down hair do is ready. To add an ethnic touch to it, simply cover the bobby pins with a golden/silver brooch hair clip.

Also, here is a video tutorial on low side bun with twisted fringe for all of you (especially if you are short on time)

- All Image Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

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