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3 Uses of Lemon for Your Facial Skin!


Ladies, if your tanning would just not go away this festive season or if the pimple spots would not just lighten, it’s time to open your refrigerator for a purpose apart from hunting for food i.e. to take out a lemon. A lemon is in itself a wholesome beauty product which serves multiple purposes. Where using lemon for the hair brings shine and also removes dandruff, lemon juice for the face also works wonders.
Here’s how you can use lemon juice to make it highly effective for facial skin problems:

Just Juice:
Take nothing apart from a few drops of lemon juice and apply it all over your face. Make sure you do not apply it in excess to prevent it from stinging. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse your way to a fresher, glowing face. 

Lemon scrub:
Lemon juice mixed with an egg white and brown sugar works best for skin exfoliation. This scrub is natural, inexpensive and at the same time, highly effective especially for people having oily skin. 

Lemon be the Dentist for your perfect smile:
Getting your teeth bleached for whitening is important but also heavy on the pocket. But, did you know that baking soda mixed with lemon would do the same job at home? Well, try it and you’d know for yourself.

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