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4 Make-up Brushes you should own In This Festive Season!


People might find it stupid to find six foundations, three types of concealers, 40 shades of lip-colours and much more in your vanity but I won’t judge you because you’re a make-up addict and I know that. But simply expanding your make-up collection doesn’t solely work. To apply those high-quality expensive products to accentuate your look this festive season, investing in the right make-up tools and brushes is very essential.
Using the right brushes not only makes make-up application much easier but also gives the face a very polished yet natural look which is what all you girls require during Diwali festivities. Here is a tiny list of the basic make-up brushes you simply need to have and why:

1. Foundation Brush:
Foundation forms the base of the entire look and should be applied with perfection making the skin tone even. A flat foundation brush is required to spread the foundation on the face from the middle to the corners evenly.


2. Blush Brush:
Blushing cheeks are a must for the festive season and the apples of your cheeks can only be coloured in light/dark pinks and oranges using a fluffy blush brush.


3. Smudging brush:
You might not be a pro at eye-makeup but one thing is definite that all eye-makeup require a lot and lot of smudging. If you try and smudge your shadow with a hard brush or your fingers, it is bound to discolour and lose its pigmentation. Using a small but sot smudging brush is the saviour here.


4. Lipstick brush:
Applying a lipstick is easy, but mostly only in the centre of the lips and not in the corners and nothing is as displeasing as unevenly coloured lips. To get into the intricate corners of your lips, use a lipstick brush for greater precision.

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