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#HACKS101: 6 Home Products To Use In Your Everyday Life!


Because life has become so fast paces, hence it's important to go in for quick beauty and home hacks! Our everyday problems include shoe bites, makeup stains and more. But wait, we at #TeamGuiltyBytes brings to you some hacks which will be useful for your day to day life. The best part is that it is available at your home only. So scroll down to know more:

#1. Avoid Shoe Bite With Deodorant:

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Whenever we buy new shoes, a shoe bite can ruin in the fun! Fix this issue and take a deodorant or a roll on and apply it on the edges of new shoes. This won't cause any shoe bite and you can say hello to happy feet :) 

#2. Make Your Clothes Wrinkle Free With Straightening Iron:

Flat Irons is not only a perfect tool for hair but can be used as an iron for clothes as well in the last minute. 

#3. Remove MakeUp Stain With Shaving Cream:

If you get make up stain on your new dress then don't panic just rub the shaving cream on your hand and apply it on the stained area. It cuts through the oily component of the foundation. So let it dry out dry and then rinse it off for a makeup free stain. 

#4. Try Conditioner To Get Smooth Shave:

Conditioner is not just good for your beautiful hair bit is also good for your skin. When you want to shave, just apply the conditioner on your legs and arms and then use the razor. This will give you a smooth shave and you wouldn't even need to apply any moisturizer after that. 

#5. Remove Marker Stain With Nail Polish Remover:

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The most irritating thing is when you get marker stains on your hands. Just apply your nail polish remover to get rid of these stains.

#6. Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover:

Coconut oil is useful for the skin and we can't deny it. You can use it as a moisturizer, to remove makeup and it's very good moisturizer after shaving.

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