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4 Reasons Why You Are Getting Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes And How To Conceal Them


One of the most common skin phenomenon in today's times is dark circles and puffy eyes. Blame it on busy times or unhealthy lifestyle, we are more worried about concealing our dark circles than actually acknowledging them.  Take your puffy eyes and dark circles more seriously and check out these common culprits before you shop for any skin care products:

#1 Limited Sleep
You know his right? OK girls, beauty sleep just doesn't happen in Disney movies and is very very very integral for your skin care regime. Grogginess, crankiness, dull skin and a host of negative things happen to your system when you get proper sleep. No matter how much you work, make sure you get yourself at-least 6-7 hours of sleep everyday. 

#2 Hypothyroidism 
Under-active thyroid condition can do a lot to your body more than puffy eyes. But if you are experiencing it then make sure you see a doctor and get tested. Puffy eyes and dark eyes get better once the condition is examined and treated well. You need to get these tests done to address teh situation- TSH and T4 to screen for problems, followed by checking of FT3, RT3 or thyroid antibodies. Don' t stress and get an expert's help!

#3 Undetected Food Allergy
You could have food allergies to begin with other than the environmental allergies that show up on your skin through puffy eyes, darkened eyes and excessive water. Food allergies don't just affect the digestive system but may also lead to many skin indications. One could have puffy eyes, face or itchy skin! Get yourself a food tolerance test done and find out if you are allergic to dairy products, gluttony products, sea food, soy, corn, peanuts, eggs or more. 

#4 Excessive Salt Heavy Diet and food
A diet that is very rich in salt will not only encourage fluid retention in your body but will also lead to puffy eyes and darker looking under eyes. You have to be careful about the sodium levels in your food and lower your processed food consumption. 

You can treat dark under eyes and puffy eyes with cold cucumber slices and green tea bags. Simply lay them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes for greater results. Also, you can conceal your eyes in the mean time with this simple beauty tutorial-

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  1. Nice trick of using the liquid concealer first followed by the cream.