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5 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Steal From Indian Beauty Bloggers


With Halloween just around the corner, we're sure all you pretty ladies need something to give yourself some edge above the rest. If you think planning a unique last-minute Halloween costume sounds exhausting, especially for those of us who like to leave things to the eleventh hour, fear not, for this post is going to be the life saver. 

A crazy Halloween makeup look is all you need to pull off a costume worthy of every partygoers' envy. From the villianess Anjelina Jolie from Malificent to The Weeping Nun, all can be done with a little DIY tips. Here are some inspiration from our desi bloggers.

1. Become a princess Jasmine this Halloween

2. When you want to be a dark princess
3. Dark purple lips and big lashes
4. Vampire eyes and bold lips

5. Zombie Nights
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All you need is your make-up kit and some clothes that you can either rip off or stitch together. Hope you have a scary Halloween.Don't forget to fill that basket with candies for Trick or Treat! ;)

- Jesmehr for @Teamguiltybytes

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