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5 Professional Makeup Secrets to Cover Dark Circles


Take a close look at your face in the mirror, do you see evidences of an unsound sleep or results of working till late hours? The dark shadow, eye bags and pigmentation under the eyes are called dark circles. Where on one side dark circles could be genetic as well, they definitely leave a very dull impression of the face.If you’re getting ready for office or a party or even if you’re a professional make-up artist, concealing dark circles are mandate for a glowing and flawless looking face. But there are surely some tips, tricks and techniques which help to attain maximum coverage of these dark shadows under the eyes. 

Read The Tips Below:

1. Never skip a primer:
Just like the regular facial skin needs a primer to help make up stay longer and glide in smoother, the 
similar goes for the eyes. For a more polished and even look, an eye primer is a must have.
Application- Take a pea-sized amount of the eye primer on your fingers and spread it evenly under as well as above the eyes.

2. Identify your skin tone and use the correct shade of concealer:
Stop following the herd when they tell you to use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Surprised? Well, it is extremely important to study the tone of the skin under the eyes before selecting the right concealer. While peaches compliment a fairer skin, oranges go well with the duskier one. 
Application- Call it a million dollar trick, but a concealer should be applied in a dotted triangle rather
example SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #57, spread the product evenly covering the pigmentation.

3. Cream Concealers are the winners
Cream concealers are light, full coverage and moisturising. Voila! What else would the eyes need! Using liquid concealers sometimes lead to formation of fine lines and on the other hand, stick concealers tend to dry the skin out. Cream products are available mostly in peachy shades and offer a variety of them to choose from. Designed specifically for the under-eyes, cream concealers are definitely a saviour.

4. Light Reflecting Concealers are worth a Try:
These are either applied too much to be misused or too less to be noticed. But, light reflecting 
concealers are the cherry on the cake. They are to be applied over a full-coverage concealer and rather used as a highlighter. Sometimes, light reflecting concealers alone work for eyes not affected with dark circles. This product adds a touch of glam making the face look professionally groomed. 
Application- Focus the light reflecting concealer in the fine lines in the under eye.

5.  Finish it off with perfection:
Once the concealer is applied and pigmentation covered, it is needed to lock that coverage.  Mostly, 
amateur or professional make-up artist follow the usual regime of lose powder after applying concealer. We won't tell you to avoid this tip, but it has to be done with a twist.
Application- Once you're done with your concealer, take a make-up sponge/beauty blender and dip it in water.  Squeeze out the excess water and dip the sponge in translucent or coloured loose powder. This method of setting the concealer, especially under the eyes is not only effective but does miracles making you look fresh, younger and beautiful.

Photo Source Pinterest. Shreiya for @TeamGuiltyBytes

Disclaimer: Images are not original work of and have been used for reference purpose only.

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